Chamber Bucks

The Paris Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the opportunity for your business to accept Chamber Bucks!!  The Chamber has various giveaways and prizes within the community throughout the year and in April will begin presenting recipients with Chamber Bucks.  By accepting Chamber Bucks we hope to encourage potential customers to enter your business and make their first or 100th purchase.  Attached is information including how they work and how to begin accepting Chamber Bucks at your business.

Chamber Bucks |

Why Chamber Bucks?

  • To encourage people to shop at our local Chamber members businesses.  

How to begin accepting Chamber Bucks?

  • Must be a current Chamber member.
  • Contact the Paris Area Chamber of Commerce at 660-327-3508 or by emailing
  • You will receive a sign/sticker indicating your business proudly accepts Chamber Bucks.

How does reimbursement for the Chamber Bucks work?

  • Chamber bucks are in the amount of $10.00 each.  
  • Must be used in FULL, no partial reimbursements at a business.
  • Mail your Chamber Buck, including your businesses information to 225 N. Main Street, Paris Mo 65275 and a check will be mailed or delivered within the next 10 business days.
Chamber Bucks |